Published on 07/19/2018 2:03 pm
DOT Physical Test for Commercial Drivers

DOT physical now for a requirement for starting automobile driving school and believed to write a fast post to allow you to know what it is like. Most CDL training colleges and all trucking companies require you to pass a DOT physical before you start any truck driving job, and then again every two decades. For those of you who want to understand involved and there consequence with the DOT physical Jersey City. Here's the scoop.

Overall, the physical is kind of a joke. I first had to fill out some paperwork and release forms so the medical center could share the info with my training faculty. I am telling you guys, they do not mess around with alcohol or drugs in this industry. Not only was I drugs tested for the bodily, but after obtaining my CDL, I will be asked to take random drug and alcohol evaluations.

Regardless of what your views on drug usage, drug testing or drug prohibition are, even marijuana, realize that it's not tolerated at all. If you smoke some bud during your house time which can make you test positive for the substance even 30 days after you smoked it and long once you are diminished from it.

It is just not worth the risk. So if you're getting into this industry, tell yourself right now that you'll never drink and drive or use any illegal drugs. If you can't live without doing these things, find a new career. Anyway, I do not mean to preach or sound mightier than thou. Simply use common sense when it comes to drugs and alcohol and there won't be some difficulties. Following the Drug evaluation, I took a fast vision exam. Cover right eye browses these traces. Cover left eye, read those lines.

They put me in a little soundproof box also put on headphones. The cans broadcast 3 beeps in each ear individually. They're silent beeps and are in different tones. When you hear the beeps, you push a little button in order that they know you noticed them.

They first tested my right ear. Three beeps at a lowly tone, three beeps in middle tone then three beeps at a higher pitched tone. Then they did the same with the left ear. The doctor came in, checked my breathing, looked in my ears and throat, tested my mind, and had been done.

There is nothing to it. And on top of that, I did not even have to take off my pants to the examination! This is the thorough physical I've ever had, and that has the actual I had for my office occupation. The Bodily from start to finish literally took approximately 10 minutes, including completing the paperwork. In Case you have any questions that I did not address, Please don't hesitate to email me or leave a comment and I will answer the best I can. But if you're concerned about the physical, just take a deep breath and relax. If you are not drunk, don't do drugs, can see, hear, and breath you can pass. Until next time, drive safely.

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